Good News (Julien Baker cover)

by Ryan Azada

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I was fresh to New York with the taste of a bad breakup in my mouth. I spent plenty of nights closing down bars and some riding the train until work the next morning. Some very generous friends would let me crash on their couches when they could. Some people helped put food in my mouth. Some would sit with me and talk me out of the total dread I was in. My friend Julien used her frequent flyer miles to send me to New York when I was broke and accepted a new job there. I needed to escape my home town after a split from my domestic partner.

Julien was the first person to come over and talk to me after my breakup. We walked around lamenting past relationships and examining our shortcomings. Two months later I would go see her play in Brooklyn and the scene was much different. We would wander around before the show rejoicing in new love and opportunities.

I've known Julien since she was fourteen and fronting her band Forrister. They would play any big show I was promoting. Later on we would start a small band, go on our first solo tour together, and make my first EP. What some people may not know, if they casually observe her solo record, is that Julien can SLAY on the guitar. I've seen her punch her guitar in bloody badass rock n roll fury to a room of ten people. Good News has always felt like it could be one of her fierce rock songs.

Keith Sidorowicz and I had started jamming for a new band while I was living in New York. My lifestyle there was totally draining and it was on one of these particularly difficult days that I didn't have the fortitude to rehearse our own songs. I just wanted to jam Good News, a song I had been covering live for a while at that point and was particularly relating to at the time.

I wanted to explore the catalyst for the nostalgia trip Julien takes you on in her lyrics. The moment of frustration and desperation that channels those memories in Good News. I wanted to take the song to the crescendo and never look back.

I tried to pay Julien back for the favor she did for me, but she wouldn't accept my money. So, J, this is a gift for you. It's my best effort to capture the feeling of catharsis that you provided me. To document it, bottle it up, and lob it out into the ether.

Ryan Azada


released June 15, 2017
Drums - Keith Sidorowicz
Bass - Nancy Margaux
Guitar - Scott Scharinger
Guitar and vocals - Ryan Azada

Recorded by Matt Schimelfenig at The Bunk in Henryville, PA.
Mastered by Andy Clarke.

Photo by Jake Cunningham.



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